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Unlock Your Potential

What will choosing to join the Bx Leadership team do for you and your business? Explore the xtraordinary range of value and benefits on offer.

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Choose Your Ideal Role

Which role would suit your personality and skill set? It’s important that you choose a position that you will thrive in and enjoy. Watch the in-depth videos to support you to make the best choice.

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Once you have decided which role you’d like to apply for, simply complete the application form.

Unlock Your Potential

What Does Being on Team Mean for You?

What are the benefits of joining the Bx Leadership Team? In this video, Bx’s Founder, Matt Alderton, will share the reasons why stepping into a leadership role will add a tonne of value for you and your business.

What Roles are available to You?

In this video you will hear a summary of the four Bx Leadership roles available for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided which are of interest to you, watch the more in depth videos below to understand exactly what each position entails.

What Additional Benefits Will You Receive?

The #1 reason to join is that by being on team, it will grow your business faster by getting more leads, connections, and sales opportunities.


Additional benefits include, positioning and credibility, hundreds of complimentary resources, training, education, financial remuneration, discounts, and more.

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Choose Your Ideal Role

Regional Leader (RL)

Do you possess excellent leadership skills? Have a keen eye for detail and are goal orientated? Do you have the time to attend two to four groups every fortnight?

If so, a Regional Leader position will work for you.

Time commitment: One hour per group + meetings. 

Team Leader (TL)

Do you have a fun & outgoing personality and love presenting in front of a group? When a new person walks into a room, are you the first to greet and make them feel welcome?

If this sounds like you, Team Leader could be a perfect fit. 

Time commitment: One hour per fortnight + meetings.

Member Engagement Officer (MEO)

Are you super organized, always on top of your projects, and have great attention to detail? Do you like talking on the phone and keeping in contact with people?

If you said yes to each question, then we’d recommend MEO.

Time commitment: One hour per fortnight + meetings

Member xPerience Officer (MxO)

Are you xCeptional with people? Do you enjoy helping and supporting others to achieve extraordinary results? 

Would people say you were patient? 

If you agree to these, then a MxO role may be perfect for you.

Time commitment: One hour per fortnight + meetings.

Bx Online Roles

Are you able to create connections with people online? Are you computer savvy and enjoy running Zoom meetings? 

If so, take a look at this video to learn what team positions are available to host Bx Online events. 

Grow Your Business xponentially