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In a landscape teeming with entrepreneurs and visionaries, standing out requires more than just hard work and a solid business plan.

It demands access to unique growth opportunities, personalised support tailored to your journey, and the tools to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

xClusive Membership is your gateway to this, offering access to an elite, yet welcoming community designed to propel your business to new heights.

Limited to 200 entrepreneurs who have self-selected themselves due to their unwavering vision to succeed.

In this space, your business won’t just grow; it will thrive, fuelled by meaningful, high-level connections and shared wisdom.

This is your invitation to join a community of leaders, innovators, and change-makers, all committed to achieving extraordinary success. Don’t miss out on this chance to turn your business aspirations into reality.

Over $50K in Unmatched Value
You Pay Only $7497+GST
(or $9997+GST From 8th April)

Dive into a world full of opportunity with the xClusive Membership, combining all the perks of Diamond and Platinum levels [VALUED at $20,000] plus, xclusive additions. Transform your business and personal brand!
Complimentary Access to Every Bx Local Meeting: Never miss out again! Enjoy free entry to every Bx Local Meeting. Network, learn, and grow—simply show up and take your business to new heights.
xClusive Founder Club xperience. Join Matt Alderton and special guests for an unforgettable experience. Gain priceless insights and foster unique connections at an xClusive location. An opportunity that’s truly beyond value. [PRICELESS]
Lifetime Access: Member xChange, Bx App, & LinkedIn Extension. Secure your forever pass to cutting-edge networking and educational resources. Expand your reach and enhance your expertise with lifetime access to our premier platforms. [PRICELESS]
Transformative Business Programs Elevate your industry position with Matt Alderton's signature programs. From the "Unique xPert Positioning Model Program" to our "Book Writing" and "Keynote Speakers Program". [VALUED AT $12,997)
Award-Winning Business Awards Submission Workshop. Under Matt Alderton's guidance, navigate the world of business awards with confidence. Leverage his experience from over 40 awards to create a winning submission and celebrate at an exclusive social event. [VALUED AT $1,997)
Comprehensive Business Planning Days: Get Your Year Into Gear: Set your business's course with annual, 5-year, and lifetime goals. And, Quarterly Rocks: Refine your strategy and stay on track with quarterly goal-setting sessions. [VALUED AT $1,997)
xClusive Grants Strategy Session. Uncover potential grants with a personalised strategy session, possibly covering the full cost of your membership. It’s not just support—it’s an investment in your success. [VALUED AT $1,997)
Endless Learning with Member xChange Access over $10k worth of content on the Member xChange platform, constantly updated to keep you ahead of the curve. [VALUED AT +$10,000)
Optional xTra: Discounted Access to Money & You Program. Enhance your financial acumen and business growth with the program that shaped leaders like Tony Robbins. An opportunity to learn from the best and live the life you've envisioned. [VALUED AT $6,468)

Three Reasons to Choose xClusive

Networking is the lifeblood of business success: xClusive Membership grants you access to an elite community of ambitious business owners through xclusive events, ensuring you're always in the right room with the right people.
Tailored Support for Your Unique Path: Generic advice can only take you so far. xClusive Membership recognises the individuality of your business journey, offering personalised programs and one-on-one sessions with industry leaders.
Establish Your Authority: Becoming a thought leader in your field is about more than just xpertise; it's about making your voice heard. With xClusive Membership, you gain access to exclusive platforms and programs that help you build and showcase your authority

Pay Upfront or Payment Plan

xPert Growth Strategy Sessions

Only the first 5 to join will receive these added bonuses for FREE!

Delivered in person by Matt Alderton, Small Business xPert, #1 Best Selling Author, Multiple-Award Winning Entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Bx.

  1. Achieve Transformative Growth: Get personalised growth strategies and insights to propel your business forward with this game-changing 45-minute one-on-one session.
  2. Leadership Mastery: This is a transformative ‘High Road Leadership’ Mastermind. Discover John Maxwell’s leadership principles to elevate your skills and inspire xcellence.

xClusive Lifetime Founder Status

Only the first 10 to join will receive these added bonuses for FREE!

  • Lifetime Price Lock: Never pay a cent more every time you renew.
  • VIP Access Ticket to Bxponential: Enjoy the VIP conference experience.
  • xClusive Founding Member Pin: Signify your elite status.
  • Distinctive xClusive Badge: Showcase your unique identity.
  • Branded Promotion Material: Elevate your founding member prestige.
  • Custom Perspex Place Card: Highlight your presence at meetings.
  • Printed For You, Personalised Pay It Forward Pads: Enhance your networking impact.
  • Special Marketing Email Feature: Introduce yourself to all members.
  • Featured Business Listing: Amplify your visibility and offers.

xClusive Access to Global xPerts & More

Only the first 20 to join will receive these added bonuses for FREE!

  • Unlock xClusive 90-Minute ‘Ask Us Anything’ Sessions with Bx Experts scheduled throughout the year
  • Your Personal Pay It Forward Pad Design Template for you to Print.
  • Priority Access Ticket to the Bxponential Conference. Take a look at our highlight video of last year’s event to see what you’ll be saying yes to when you join us at the next event, in March 2025!

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The Fastest Growing Business Community Globally, Invites You to Join!

Complimentary Meeting Attendance at ALL Groups - - -
Complimentary Annual Founders Dinner - with Matt Alderton - - -
Complimentary Meeting Attendance at Your Local Group - -
Complimentary Monthly Diamond Club Dinners - -
Unlimited Access to Any Bx Local & In-Person Meetings Worldwide! -
Unlimited Attendance to the Bx Online Virtual Meetings
Bx Member xChange - Connect, Educate & Grow
- - -
Lifetime & Unlimited Access - -
Level 2 Acesss - -
Level 3 Access - -
Level 4 Access - - -
Bx Member xChange Portal
- - -
Comprehensive Member Profile
Access to the Member-Only Bx LinkedIn & Other Social Groups
Member-Only Bx App
The Bx community in the Palm of Your Hand!
The Bx Tips & Tools Monthly Broadcast
Elite Mastermind Training Event Series - - -
1-Day Your ‘Unique xPert Positioning Model Program’ RRP $1,997 - - -
2-Day ‘Book Writing Program’ RRP $2,997 - - -
2-Day ‘Keynote Speakers Program’ RRP $2,997 - - -
1-Day ‘Your Award Winning Business Awards Submission’ RRP $1,997 - - -
Get Your Year Into Gear Business Planning & Goal Setting Day RRP $997 - - -
Quarterly Rocks Business Planning & Goal Setting Day RRP $997 - - -
Grants Strategy Session RRP $1,997 - - -
Discounted Access to The 4 ½ Day Money & You Program RRP $5,880 (Optional xtra) - - -
Recession Busting Your Business - 6 Part Video Series from 6 Global Business xPerts (Valued at $4,997) - -
xClusive New Content from Dale Beaumont for Diamond Members (Valued at $1,997) - -
xClusive New Content from Matt Alderton for Diamond Members (Valued at $1,997) - -
xClusive New Content from Jackson Millan for Diamond Members (Valued at $1,997) - -
xClusive New Content from Steve Jensen for Diamond Members (Valued at $1,997) - -
xClusive New Content from Joe Pane for Diamond Members (Valued at $1,997) - -
Member xClusive Online Training - -
Join Monthly xPert Webinars led by World Renowned Business Leaders
Matt Alderton, CEO of Bx, ‘Plan Like a Pro’ Training Videos & Resources (Valued at $1,497)
Dale Beaumont, Owner of Business Blueprint, Facebook Ads Express Training (Valued at $997)
& Dale's Virtual Assistant Blueprint program (Valued at $997)
Michael Griffiths, Referral Marketing Guru, Referral Marketing Program (Valued at $1,500)
Steve Jensen, MD, Impact Training, Make More Sales Kit (Valued at $1,189)
Jackson Millan, The Wealth Mentor, Removing Cash Flow Bottlenecks in Your Business (Valued at $1,200)
Complimentary Diamond Conference Events - 3 Events per year, run by Global xPerts - -
The BxPONENTIAL Conference - Your Strategic Business Booster (every 2-years)
The Industry-Leading Bx Business xCellence Awards - Rewarding xCellence in Business
The Bx Annual xMas Party - Celebrate in Style!
Guaranteed Podcast Episode* on the Bx Podcast - - -
High Profile Speaking Opportunities at Bx Events - -
Host Business Workshops - -
Discounted Exhibition Stands at BxPo Events - -
*Podcast Episode Promotion Pack incl. Soundbites, and Artwork - -
Discounted Magazine Advertising
Exhibition & Sponsorship Opportunities at BxPOs
Entry into the Industry Leading Business xCellence Awards (Invitation Only)
up to 100% Discount on all Bx Training Events - - -
up to 75% Discount on all Bx Training Events - -
up to 50% Discount on all Bx Training Events - -
up to 25% Discount on all Bx Training Events - -
Matt Alderton, Bx CEO's, #1 Best-Selling Book, '7 Steps to 7 Figures' - -
Personalised Bx Member Name Badge (Received Separately) -
Member xCelerator Guide - How to Maximise Your ROI -
Bx Monthly Goal Setting & Planner -
Matt Alderton, Bx CEO's, #1 Best-Selling Book, 'Business for Life' -
One of Dale Beaumont's Business Excellence Series Books -
Lots of extra bonuses! - -
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