Fantastic! Congrat's on renewing!

You have just processed a payment of $997 and secured your next 12-months of membership. As mentioned, the 12-months will extend from the date your initial term ends, and not from the payment, so you should have 12 months ++ on your membership now 🙂

If you didn’t mean to pay upfront – please shoot a quick email to for priority service, and we can assist to move this to a monthly payment plan.

There’s so much to take advantage of right now in your Bx membership. If you need any help at all, be sure to check in with your local team, or contact the Raving Fans Team – 1300 068 229 or

  1. Local Meetings (2 hrs) – Run fortnightly across Australia and NZ (soon!)
  2. Bx Online (2 hrs) – Fortnightly on Tuesday 7am & 9am and Wednesday 1pm
  3. Power Partner Pods (60 mins) – the 1st Thursday of every month at 4pm
  4. Bx Podcast Pitch (45 mins) – run on 2nd Thursday of every month at 4pm
  5. Hour of Power with Matt & Loz (60 mins) – run on 3rd Thursday of every month at 4pm
  6. Bx Buy&Sell (60 mins) – run on 4th Thursday of every month at 4pm
  7. xPert Webinars (45-60 mins) – Now Fortnightly on Tuesday at 1pm
  8. Member xCite Facebook Lives (10 mins) – run at every Bx Local Meeting and live on FB
  9. Bx Mastermind Series (90 mins x 8 Weeks) – New Session Starting TBC
  10. Bx New Member xCelerator Webinar (30 mins) – EVERY Monday at 2pm
  11. Bx Global Weekly Social (2 hrs) – Every Friday @ 4pm, join us for a little or as long as you like!