Small business networking referral exchange events

Matt Alderton
I started Bx back in 2015 after I saw the opportunity for a business referral exchange after almost two decades of owning my own small businesses. From tech start-ups to retail and hospitality business, I have owned more than a dozen 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past decade and a half, generating almost 100 million in revenue and through this time have become a passionate advocate for small business and the value of small business networking events. As the Founder of successful organisations like Integrated Workforce Solutions (IWS), as well as operating 9 retail and hospitality businesses, I have faced many challenges and have learned an incredible amount, including what it takes to be successful in business and the value of small business networking events in getting the business to where it needs to be.

When I started Bx, my goal was to create a business referral exchange enterprise focussed on training and education for business owners to create a business for the life they dreamed of. Through my time in small business, I have seen many business owners and businesses come and go. And I have learned that more than 50% of businesses fail in their first 12-months and more than 90% will not make it 10-years! I know how valuable small business networking events can be to buck that trend. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, and have developed my roadmap for success, which I have not only implemented successfully across my businesses, but in my clients businesses over the past 5 years.

In 2016, the business referral exchange and networking arm of Bx kicked off with 9 groups across Sydney and a group in Canberra. This fast became the incredible success that is today known as Bx Networking. With thousands of small business networking events across Australia and New Zealand, and thousands of members across all of our membership levels, we have become the fastest growing business referral exchange community of business owners and entrepreneurs across Australia, and now New Zealand!

Bx is currently xpanding into the US for our Live & Local events, and continuing our Global Online events – bringing members of the Bx community across the globe together!

Bx, Now & Reimagined

Bx – Business Networking Reimagined is a fun, social, dynamic and productive business referral exchange and networking event, designed to help your business grow through referrals and business opportunities.

There are over 1000 small business networking events and breakfasts held annually. As a member, attend ANY and as MANY as you like!

80% of the meeting is spent getting to know other business owners. Meetings are relaxed and friendly, there’s structure to maximise networking…but not all the rules!

At each of our small business networking events we have an à la carte breakfast or lunch and barista made coffee…no buffets and drip filter at Bx!

You may have been to a networking meeting or event before? Was it awkward? Did it feel sleazy or even cult-like?

Not Bx… Bx is a Linked Up Business Network, where everyone feels involved!

Connect with hundreds of people, both in the room AND outside the room, through our proven approach to business referral exchange.