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The Best Business Networking Events Gold Coast Entrepreneurs Can Rely On

Bx Networking Events Gold Coast

Living on the picturesque Gold Coast? You’ve got the lifestyle that you’ve dreamed off, now you just need to build the business that will support it. Entrepreneurs of all walks of life look to the Gold Coast for lifestyle purposes. Bx Networking offers the best networking events Gold Coast business owners can access to help build their business.

When it comes to small business networking Gold Coast based entrepreneurs need two things: they need to be able to build a network of top-quality partners and customers quickly, and they need the best networking events the Gold Coast has to offer to do it. Those that engage with Bx Networking’s small business networking Gold Coast events can easily build between five and ten new xceptional referral partnerships within a 12-month period. What does this mean in terms of real dollars? As much as a $100,000 to $200,000 return. Not bad for the time investment of a couple of breakfasts and lunches along the way!

Speaking of which, the reason that we’re renowned for having the best networking events the Gold Coast has to offer is that our events are fully catered, with xceptional breakfast, lunches and even dinners! We know that other networking events can be hard – not only are you putting yourself out there, but the events are often drip coffee and buffet style things that can feel… cheap and tacky. When you come to one of our small business networking on Gold Coast events, we work hard to make you feel at ease with both the professionalism of the event, and the people that’ll you’ll meet there.

Our overriding philosophy, at all our leading small business networking Gold Coast events, is inclusivity. Your business is valid, and you never know where the ideal contact or networking partner will come from. By attending the best networking events the Gold Coast has to offer, you’ll meet people from such a wide variety of places that you won’t have even thought of the opportunity previously.

What Do I Need To Attend The Leading Networking Events The Gold Coast Offers?

Just yourself, and your brilliant business ideas! Our leading small business networking for Gold Coast entrepreneurs events are designed to suit leaders of businesses at all stages of life, from start-up to mature business, and it can be a great sounding board to find new ideas and potential directions for your business. You might even meet your future investors and business partners by attending.

Just make sure you’re ready to network and have your ducks in a row in terms of what the business is and what it does, and you’ll be able to make the most from the leading networking events the Gold Coast has to offer.

What options do I have to join the best networking events the Gold Coast has to offer?

Simply book any of our Online events as a complimentary guest or find one of your local face-to-face meetings and get access to the best business networking events the Gold Coast has whilst networking over breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

As a bonus, you can get a Complimentary Bx® Silver Membership (worth $199) which provides access to attend as a guest, up to 2 x Bx Online Meetings and/or Local Meetings (local meetings are $45 which covers the meal and meeting fee). Click here to find out more:


Bx is the fastest growing community of business owners and entrepreneurs in Australia and New Zealand. With thousands of events every year, and a linkedup network of xceptional business owners, Bx is certainly the community to engage in to build your business, through quality connections and business opportunities.
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