Plan Like a Pro

Live business and life to the fullest. Maximise every opportunity by seizing the day!

Plan Like a Pro Video Training

Video 1 – Introduction (1 min)

Welcome to Plan Like a Pro!

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more n a shorter period of time then people without them could ever imagine.

Video 2 – Plan Like a Pro (7 mins)

Video 2 will take you through the fundamentals to Plan Like a Pro. I know first hand how important it is to plan out all elements of your day, week, month, quarter, year and life! It doesn’t mean plans don’t change, but if you follow these few guidelines, you will maximise the opportunities in every day.

Video 3 – Priority Management (8 mins)

Video 3 is all about Priority Management. Do enough of the right actions at the right time, and you have the recipe for success. Most people and businesses fail due to doing the wrong things at the wrong time and not enough of the right things! Follow these simple but highly effective steps to achieve more in less time.

Video 4 – Goal Setting (15 mins)

The last video is goal setting. Now you may wonder why this is last, and not one of the earlier videos. Once you know how to plan and prioritise, you are then ready to decide WHAT you are going to do. What is your BHAG, and how are you going to achieve it. I will help you find out what it is you want to achieve and then give you the stepping stones of success to get there.


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Quarterly Goal Setting Planner

Annual Goal Setting Planner

Multi Award Winning Businessman & Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Author, leading keynote speaker, and business xpert.

Matt is an award-winning businessman, award-winning entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, a speaker, and trainer – not to mention a husband and father of three. Matt was named the Business Person of the Year for 2015, and NSW Business Leader in 2016. Matt has owned more than a dozen multi-award winning businesses across multiple industries, including retail, hospitality, technology, entertainment and education. Alderton Enterprises was named the 2016 AND 2017 Australian Business of the Year.

Matt is the founder and a shareholder of IWS, Australia’s largest cloud-based rostering & payroll company, as well as Bx, Alderton Enterprises and a number of other businesses.

Matt’s passion is, and has always been, helping people achieve success through growth and development, and specialises in leadership.

Matt has trained and mentored with internationally renowned author and speaker John C. Maxwell, as well as Les Brown and Terry Hawkins. Matt is proud to teach with John Maxwell and is part of the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

Matt’s training is always enjoyable, humorous, and full of energy, making both the experience and the learning lots of fun. Matt is a man on a mission to help people achieve great success both personally and professionally.