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The Buy&Sell. 

Please ensure you book early as this event reaches capacity early.

The Bx Buy&Sell is your opportunity to share via a LIVE & RECORDED event, hosted on Zoom, as well as Facebook Live Streamed to the Bx Members xChange Facebook Group.

You can pitch to the network your ‘special offer’, and not only will it be to all the people on the Zoom event, but also everyone on the Bx Members xChange Facebook Group! Thousands of people!

What to Pitch at a Bx® Buy&Sell

Here’s a few ideas for what you can pitch on the Bx Buy&Sell event. It could be anything really, paid or otherwise, and we suggest making it a special offer for Bx members only.

  • A strategy session (paid, discounted or free)
  • Your special Bx member only offer
  • A special discount
  • Access to your program (paid, discounted or free)
  • Access to your portal (paid, discounted or free)

This is your opportunity to SELL as well as have people BUY from you!

Also, keep in mind, if you don’t have an offer, and don’t want to pitch, you can simply jump on the Zoom call or watch in Facebook via the Facebook Live and you can still find great Bx Members to buy products and services from.

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