Is Networking Worth Your Time?

Networking sounds great, in theory, but is it really worth carving time out from your already busy week? Here at Bx, we believe business owners stand to gain a lot from it, but what is it about networking that keeps us pencilling events into our diary all the time? Let us convince you with 5 key words.

1. Expertise

At networking events, you can find people who have worked in your industry for much longer than you. Through them you can hear about the progress that has been made, the mistakes not to make and insights regarding the future of your industry. It’s not all about what you can gain however, networking also calls on you to impart your own knowledge. At some point, you will meet someone else who is only starting out, then it’s your turn to impart your knowledge.

2. Opportunities

The more people you know in your industry and outside of it, the more likely it is that opportunities will be thrown in your direction. If you’re known as a trustworthy contact, no one will hesitate to throw you an opportunity – anything from joint ventures to partnerships and client leads could start to pop up after great networking.

3. Communication

Many people tend to veer away from networking events because they consider themselves to be shy or introverted, but let’s flip that perspective on its head. Being shy or a bit of an introvert is not a negative when it comes to networking, instead, the events are great opportunities to practice. It can be daunting but giving it a try and enhancing your communication skills while making great connections can hardly leave you at a disadvantage.

4. Reputation

After a few events, you’ll find yourself recommending your new connections to the people in your world. Suddenly, you’ve been made aware of great, trustworthy, hard-working individuals and you have no qualms about recommending them to friends and colleagues. Fortunately for you, you’re not the only one who is spreading the word; your new connections have now begun to recommend you to their people too.

5. Support

All of the previous benefits can be measured through the sales in your business, but there is one benefit that cannot – support. Networking can deliver you like-minded business colleagues who understand the challenge of business ownership.

Regardless of whether you benefit in one, two or all five of these areas, it’s extremely unlikely you will miss out on any of the perks. Set aside some time on your calendar for the next networking event that crosses your path, give it a try and see how your business starts to pick up pace – remember, you have nothing to lose.