Improve Your Business Mindset Through Hypnotherapy

Did you know Winston Churchill had hypnotherapy to help him stay awake during the height of his duties as Prime Minister in WW2?

While filming Rocky (one of my all-time favourite movies), Sly Stallone engaged a hypnotherapist to enhance his success.

Charlize Theron used hypnotherapy to quit smoking.

And Aussie Pole Vaulter Steve Hooker won gold after having hypnotherapy.

Extraordinary People Embrace the Extraordinary

Regardless of their field (politics, entertainment, sport), extraordinary people are renowned for doing extraordinary things!

They are determined to succeed and will do what is necessary to make that happen.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are the same.

They possess a unique vision, passion, and drive that propels them to step away from the mainstream and bring their dreams into reality.

They are high achievers and experts in their field. Sound familiar?!

If you speak to an entrepreneur or business owner, they will tell you they didn’t succeed alone.

They had a team (business associates, loyal staff and clients, and fabulous family and friends) supporting them along the way.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are, however, human.

So what happens when things go awry, or they find themselves on an unexpected roller coaster ride?

Entrepreneurs and business owners need to constantly be ‘on’ and bring their A-game.

But if the person behind the business is suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout, and fatigue, bringing their A-game is almost impossible.

And then, of course, the business is likely to suffer.

How May Hypnotherapy Assist?

Hypnotherapy can help people overcome all of these issues, such as losing weight, improving sleep, and building confidence.

Hypnotherapy can help you maintain control when the wine flows over a business lunch.

It can even help you get over a fear of flying if you need to travel!

Hypnotherapy works by changing our mindset.

If we change the way we think about an issue, we change how we feel and, therefore, how we behave and respond and the sorts of decisions we make.

Frazzled, stressed-out people are not as effective in business as possible, and they are not as happy within themselves as they could be.

If you’re not in a good space, your business, health, and family life likely won’t be in a good space either.

As business owners, we are always trying to improve our products, services, customer experience, and employee satisfaction.

And regardless of our qualifications, skills, and experience – web development, horticulture, hospitality, hairdressing, or accounting. Everyone needs support at some stage.

Business coaches and mentors can help you grow and build – or rebuild – your business.

Hypnotherapy can strengthen your mindset and personal well-being.

Combine the two, and you have the perfect recipe for success!

Bianca Anderson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Harmony through Hypnotherapy

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