How to Announce Your Business Award for the Best Results!

12 Effective Strategies to Share the News Gracefully

Earning a prestigious business award is a moment of pride and validation for your team’s hard work. It’s an achievement worth celebrating, but it’s essential to strike a balance between spreading the news and appearing conceited. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to publicise your award without coming across as boastful. In this article, we’ll explore 12 strategies we recommend to effectively share your accolades with your audience.

  1. Leverage the Award Marketing Package:

    Many award programs provide marketing packages to winners. Make the most of these resources by featuring the news on your website, incorporating it into marketing materials and email signatures, sharing it on social media, issuing a press release, mentioning it in presentations, creating acknowledgment videos, and more. Ensure that your award news complements your overall message without overshadowing it.

  2. Engage Your Employees:

    Involve your employees in sharing the news. Start by sharing the achievement internally, as your employees often contribute significantly to your success. Encourage them to spread the word at networking events, on social media, and even in casual conversations. Happy employees love discussing their company’s achievements, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

  3. Target Your Prospects and Customers:

    Your database of prospects and existing customers is a valuable asset. While the general public might not fully appreciate your awards, your clients may not be aware of your agency’s greatness. Focus on informing those who matter most, emphasizing your achievements to your loyal customers and prospects who are essential for new business.

  4. Explore New Channels:

    While emails and Facebook posts are common methods, consider exploring new ways to showcase your achievements. Incorporate your award into your branding, website, and social media profiles. Experiment with live videos to share your exciting news in real time with your clients, fans, and followers, involving them in your special moment.

  5. Issue a Press Release:

    Official press releases are excellent for publicizing prestigious awards. Many regional and national affiliates actively follow press feeds for such content. Additionally, leverage your press contacts on Twitter to share the news with your local communities. Including links to the official award website can also benefit your SEO efforts.

  6. Share on LinkedIn:

    Utilize social media as a quick and effective way to share good news. LinkedIn is a valuable platform to reach your professional connections and friends. You can also add your award to the “Accomplishments” section under “Honors and Awards” for long-term visibility.

  7. Acknowledge Your Team:

    Instead of forced publicity, celebrate your accomplishment genuinely with your employees. Thank and acknowledge their contribution, allowing them to share their pride in the collective achievement. Encourage your social media team to promote the celebration organically. If you can make it unique and newsworthy, consider sharing a press release.

  8. Let Others Speak for You:

    To enhance your credibility, use others’ words instead of your own. Quote or repurpose official announcements from the awarding organization or third-party comments about your award. This external validation carries more weight than self-praise, establishing the authenticity of your achievement.

  9. Directly Contact Reporters:

    Rather than relying solely on generic press releases, personally reach out to relevant reporters who cover your industry. Share not only your award but also the bigger story behind your mission and the positive impact your company has on the industry. Craft a narrative rather than a sales pitch to engage reporters and create compelling coverage.

  10. Badge on Your Homepage:

    Use your awards as “badges” on your website’s homepage. This establishes credibility and continues to build your reputation long after the initial announcement. Visitors to your website will instantly see your accolades, enhancing your brand’s image.

  11. Email Your Contacts:

    For small businesses, emailing your contacts is an effective way to publicize your award. Ensure that your current clients, previous clients, and leads are informed directly about your accomplishment. Share what it means for your business and include a call to action in your email to remind clients of your services.

  12. Comprehensive Publicity:

    Promote your award across various channels simultaneously. Be proud but avoid appearing boastful. Utilize social media, online and offline advertising, podcast interviews, and update your website content. This comprehensive approach ensures that you reach a wide audience and effectively communicate your achievement. You’ve earned it, so share your success with enthusiasm!


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