How is Bx different to other networking groups?

Bx believes in a collaborative approach to doing business. We believe in creating opportunities for our members and guests to connect each other with their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tonne of ongoing new business. Most other networking focuses on the opportunity of either selling to each other, or direct referrals. Let’s face it – who wants to be sold to? At Bx we may buy from each other, but we don’t believe in being all salesy.

With thousands of events held across Australia and New Zealand every year, plus a rapidly expanding network across the North America, Bx provides enormous value to our members by giving access to any and as many of or events across the globe as they would like to attend. There’s no limit – we have members attending multiple meetings every week…and sometimes a day!

One other significant difference between Bx and other networking is what we like to refer to (no pun intended!) as the carrot and the stick approach. At Bx, we provide the carrot – we have the resources, education, process and events to help you achieve MASSIVE ROI from your time at Bx. What you put in, you will receive a hundred fold in return. Many other networking organisation require you to refer a certain amount of business, invite people to meetings and have a certain number of meetings outside the actual networking event. It’s kind of like forced accountability. Bx members are empowered to get results, but accountable to themselves…isn’t this why you went into business in the first place!

Does it work? You betcha! We have thousands of members xperiencing the value of proposition and getting xceptional results. Our case studies show that members who engage in the process, build referral partners, and strategically work with them using the Bx Referral Partner Plan, generate on average $20k per referral partner, which in turn is over $100k in new business every year, by being a Bx member.

If you’d like to know more about how it all works, just come along to a Bx meeting a check it out. Our Bx Online virtual networking events are complementary to attend (as a guest you can come up to two times before requiring to be a member) and if you want to check out a Live & Local Bx meeting, and enjoy brekkie, lunch or dinner as well as a quality networking xperience, you are also more than welcome.

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Let's Not Be Afraid to Compare Bx with other Networks like BNI or Chamber of Commerce