Four Tips to Market Your Podcast on Social Media

Get the most from marketing your podcast

#1 Find Your Audience

We recommend focusing on one or two platforms. This will maximise your efforts and ensure you’re reaching your audience.

For your guest appearance on the Bx Podcast, we will have provided you links to our social posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

#2 Use hashtags

Hashtags will help you reach a bigger audience and serve your content to those who are interested in that specific hashtag.

Find a few generic hashtags which describe the content, and then add a branded hashtag can help start building your community.

Here is our example:

#BxPodcast #BxPodcastSeason2 #BusinessPodcast #BusinessTips #SmallBusinessAdvice

#3 Use pull quotes to create images

Social media was made for images!

Even though your podcast is audio, you can still use visuals to the best of your advantage.

The easiest way to do this is to pull quotes from your episode and create quote-based images.

Quotes should help identify what the episode is about and pique curiosity for your listeners.

If you are creating great content, then those quotes will be easy to find!

You can use Canva or WordSwag to easily create quote graphics that you can share on social media.

#4 Use sound bites

As a podcaster, you have tons of audio content and that audio is a huge benefit because it’s content and not only that, it’s engaging content.

You can’t just drop an audio file into your social media because social platforms don’t accept MP3s and because, well, let’s face it – that’s really boring!

You can, however, convert your audio into a video using animation. This way you can incorporate branding elements and it can autoplay on social media.

You can do this yourself using a video tool, like Wavve. Wavve is software that easily transforms audio into video with images, text, waveform animations and more so you can share it on social media.

For your Bx Podcast, we will provide you a link to the audio file for you to do this.


This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to find more ways to get maximum xposure because it is an xcellent positioning piece for you in the eyes of your potential clients and customers.


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