Dance Training Organisation Wins 2023 Bx Business xCellence Award!

A Testament to Their Commitment

Delve into the journey of this xceptional business and individuals who have not only achieved xcellence but have also set inspiring xamples for others to follow.

About Dance Training Organisation

Winning a Business xCellence Award is a prestigious achievement, and for Dance Training Organisation, it stands as a recognition of their unwavering dedication to dance education and studio support. They take immense pride in being honoured with this accolade, seeing it as a testament to their commitment to xcellence in three key areas: Accredited Training, DTO’s Business Program, and their Virtual/Assistant Program.

1. Accredited Training: Boosting Success Through Education

The company’s commitment to dance education transcends the studio’s boundaries. They actively partner with dance studios, regardless of their size or location, to introduce accredited training programs such as VCE VET Dance. Their approach not only helps in bolstering student numbers but also provides a clear educational pathway, thereby opening up new opportunities for students. They are well aware that retaining older age groups can be a challenging task, and they firmly believe that accredited training is a powerful tool for diversifying revenue streams.

2. DTO’s Business Program: Empowering Studio Owners

Their Business Training Program is meticulously designed, taking into account the unique needs of studio owners by studio owners themselves. This comprehensive 12-month program, which includes a Certificate IV in Business, empowers studio owners with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. It places a strong emphasis on improving student retention, implementing efficient systems, building dependable teams, and affording studio owners more time to pursue their personal passions. The program’s strength lies in its integration with Business Blueprint, ensuring the seamless application of acquired knowledge within the dance studio business.

3. Virtual/Assistant Program: Lightening the Load

Recognising the challenges associated with running a dance studio, they offer a Virtual Assistant (VA) program. Their offshore VAs are not only cost-effective, coming in at approximately 75% less than hiring locally in Australia, but they also offer invaluable assistance with tasks that typically fall below the studio owner’s pay grade. Moreover, they provide support in the process of finding, onboarding, and training VAs, ensuring a swift and effective transition that allows studio owners to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

In addition to their core offerings, several factors contributed to their success in winning the Business xCellence Award:

Comprehensive xpertise: The company’s team boasts over 50 years of combined xperience within the dance industry, providing them with a unique understanding of real-world insights.

Holistic Approach: They empower their students not only with dance techniques but also with essential business acumen, resulting in well-rounded professionals.

Tangible Impact: Their programs have yielded tangible results, with students achieving top ranks and dance studios thriving.

Strong Industry Connections: Their network of partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders enhances the relevance and applicability of their educational offerings.

Tailored Support: They are known for their personalized guidance and one-on-one coaching, ensuring that each client’s individual needs are met.

Inspiring Community: The inclusive and supportive community they foster encourages collaboration and personal growth.

Innovation and Adaptability: Their ability to stay ahead by adapting to industry changes and incorporating innovative approaches keeps them at the forefront of dance education.

Notable Industry Recognition: Their accreditation as a Registered Training Organisation and their partnerships underscore their credibility and the trust placed in their programs.

Global Outreach: Their success in both Australia and the Philippines showcases their global outlook and operational synergy.

Forward-Looking Vision: Their visionary roadmap positions them as leaders shaping the future of the dance education industry.

In conclusion, winning the Business xCellence Award serves as a testament to this company’s commitment to providing comprehensive dance education, delivering impactful outcomes, offering personalized support, and maintaining a visionary outlook. Their mission goes beyond just teaching dance; it’s about empowering individuals to xcel in their careers and drive positive change within the dance industry. Their unique blend of xpertise, community building, and forward-thinking strategies makes them a winning force that’s propelling the dance education sector to new heights. They remain dedicated to continuing their mission of xcellence and shaping the future of dance education.

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