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    Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

    Our vision is to create a positive impact on the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, and we deliver this through the values of relationships, collaboration and inclusion.

    Every Bx location (or what we call a group) has a meeting on the same day every fortnight. Across Australia and New Zealand there are 50+ breakfast &; lunch meetings a fortnight, held on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s. If you want to join one of our Bx Online events, these are held on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.

    Bx believes in a collaborative approach to doing business. We believe in creating opportunities for our members and guests to connect each other with their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tonne of ongoing new business. Most other networking focuses on the opportunity of either selling to each other, or direct referrals. Let’s face it – who wants to be sold to? At Bx we may buy from each other, but we don’t believe in being all salesy!

    Of course! All members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business in the Introduction Round, as well as ask for connections to their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve all your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tonne of ongoing new business.

    We’re super committed to ensuring all our members achieve an awesome ROI from their time and investment into their membership – we even have a ROI Money Back Guarantee. The results you achieve are directly linked to your engagement within the network – don’t worry…we don’t have any rules or requirements for attendance or results, but we do know, the more you put in, the more you will get out!

    As a guide, we know that if you attend at least a meeting a fortnight, as well as engage in our training and resources, you will easily build 5-10 new xceptional referral partnerships within a 12-month period. Each xceptional referral partnership yields around $20,000 in additional revenue to your business over the following 12-months. If you build 5-10 a year, this will return about $100,000 to $200,000 in additional revenue to your business over the subsequent 12-month period. Want more? Dial it up! It is truly linked to your engagement within the network.

    At Bx, we believe in inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity. All business types are welcome to network together, because as we know, in life, it’s all about WHO WE KNOW, and we highly value collaboration.

    At every Bx meeting we have an x-cellent mix of business people in the room – BUT remember,
    it’s not about who’s in the room…but who the people in the room know.

    Our meeting format is highly productive, fast paced and jam packed with opportunities and value, that maximises the opportunities for referrals, connections and new business. At every meeting members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business, as well as ask for connections in the Introduction Round, we have an xcellent presentation by one of our members in the Member xCite Presentation and we all get to catch up with 3 other members or guests one on one in our 10-minute 1-2-1’s.

    That’s a no brainer! Come along to your local meeting OR jump onto a Bx Online! Our team will reach out to you to ensure you have a great time and are introduced to some xceptional people. There’s never any awkward standing around, all our meetings are fast paced and maximise the networking and connection opportunities. You can find your local meetings or book into a Bx Online on the link below.

    Membership with Bx has a minimum term of 12-months, this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, unlike most memberships, Bx allows you to cashflow your membership over a 12-month payment plan. We understand that in business, cash is king, and by spreading this out across the 12-month term, this allows you to generate new income for your business, that not only covers the cost of your membership, but 100x’s your investment!

    The second reason the term is 12-months is that all relationships take time to build. Whether this is with your ideal referral partner, or this is with other members – who will of course look to you to support them in their business (or life) with your products and services – but only because of the strength of the relationship – know, like and trust, remember!

    Networking is like any other form of marketing, you need to invest into it, to get a return. Networking is one of the highest return on investment marketing activities you can do, and we know it works – that’s why our members don’t just do their minimum term with us and then leave, they stay with us for a long time! Part of that is the financial return is awesome…the other part is…THEY LOVE IT!

    When you join Bx, you join a network or thousands of other business owners, so undoubtedly there will be other people who do what you do. Members with Bx are free to attend any event across Australia and New Zealand at any time, as well as all of our online events. Therefore, there are going to be times where there is more than one business from the same category at an event.

    HOWEVER, keep in mind, that at Bx, we’re not selling to each other, we are building referral relationships with people outside of the room, through the contacts and connections people make for us from inside the room. It’s therefore irrelevant who is in the same industry, as you are not competing for clients in the room. And let’s face it, certain people will do business with certain people, whether you are in the room or not is irrelevant.

    You are welcome to bring/ send guests along at any time and we offer guest passes for you to gift to our online events as well as gift vouchers for you for bringing people along when they join.

    If you cannot attend, don’t worry! We don’t mark a roll!!! Just organise to come along to one of our other events on another day.

    You’ve heard of the carrot and the stick, right? Well, we are carrot holders here at Bx! Some networking organisations out there will hold the stick and hit you with it if you don’t “perform”. At Bx, we believe that self accountability is the best type of accountability – let’s face it – you’re an adult and you own your own business. You are your boss – NOT US! We will provide the tools, resources and opportunities, all you need to do is…seize the day. The more you put in, the more you will get out!

    Memberships are assigned to a person when you join – they are individual membership agreements. In saying that, if the situation in your organisation changes, or you put on a top sales person you want to send along to a networking event in your stead from now on, then email Members@B-x.com.au and we can permanently transfer the membership for you. Or add them with our corporate offer, and you can save money and both of you can attend!

    Networking and referral partnerships is based on relationships. We want to get to know you, so we can refer to you, and offer connections to our networks. Therefore, membership is with the individual. We do have corporate membership options if you intend to send more than one person. Read below for more info.

    No problem, we understand people’s situations change from time to time and are happy to accommodate. Please check back to your membership agreement when you signed for your minimum term. If you paid upfront, you may want to continue getting the benefits until the end of your term, and we can then cancel on the end of term date. If you have opted for a payment plan, then please be sure that you have paid out your minimum number of payments. If you want to pay it out in full early, we can do this at a 5% discount. For full T&C’s please check out our T&C’s pages on our website: https://bxnetworking.com/terms-conditions-sale/

    Sure is! We have a special corporate deal, if you have more than one person who would like to attend, the second subsequent membership is offered at a discounted rate of 40% off the RRP. There is only a 3-month minimum term with the corporate membership and they are simply monthly payments. The original member is still required to complete their minimum term and payments. And both members need to be working within the same organisation with the same ABN.

    [faq question="I am part of a franchise, is there a deal for members of a franchise?"]

    Absolutely! If you are part of a franchise, then all you need to do is get them registered with Bx as a recognised franchise partner. We encourage you to do this as ALL franchisees will receive approx 20% discount off the RRP, as well as we run some xceptional franchise programs and partnership opportunities. Please connect your franchisor directly with our Bx Operations Director, Laurene McKenzie – Laurene@BxNetworking.com

    Bx Online events are included in your membership and you can attend as many as you like at no additional cost. Our local in-person events have a meeting fee, which is $35* for members (discounted from $45 for guests). The fee includes breakfast and coffee or tea/ lunch/ dinner and the costs of running the event (team/ venue hire etc). *The member price of $35 is our member only early bird pricing, which extends up to 24-hours prior to an event. The non-early bird pricing for members is $45.

    We encourage members to work out their ROI for their membership. This is based on your monthly fee + the number of meetings per month you will attend (we suggest a minimum of 2 meetings + 1 online per month). This would equate to $129 x 12 months + $35 per meeting x 2 per month x 10 months (you can have a holiday as well 🙂 = $1548 + $700 = $2,248. There are no other costs that Bx charges – in fact, we continue to value stack like you wouldn’t believe! AND if you follow our Referral Partner Plan, you will generate 5-10 referral partners over your 12-months, which will generate $100,000 to $200,000 in additional revenue for your business! That’s about 100x your investment!

    This is simple, if you don’t make back your membership investment, we will refund it.
    But, it’s like a gym membership…if you want to tone up or lose weight, you need to turn up to the gym regularly and eat well. We are the same…in fact below is the exercise and diet regime we know works (it is the foundations of the ROI Guarantee as well):
    1. Turn up to at least 2 meetings a month x 10 months (about 20 per year).
    2. Complete the Online Fast Track Member xCelerator Program (Videos and training)
    3. Complete Michael Griffith’s Referral Marketing Training Program
    It’s all included in your membership and is the key to achieving an xceptional result.

    Networking is an inclusive activity – any networking organisation that tells you that you can only belong to one networking community is robbing all the members of great opportunities for connections and collaboration. At Bx, we believe the more networking you do the more valuable you are to the network.

    Short answer…NO
    Long answer….NNNOOOOOO
    We do recommend that you attend at least one per fortnight + 1-2 Bx Online events per month. We have also found that members that go out hard and attend heaps, also burn out fast. It’s not a short game, it’s a long game. Decide on your frequency, and commit to that for the next 12-months, plus a couple of holidays 😉 You will then be on track for an xceptional return on your investment. And the awesome thing about Bx is, you only pay for the meetings you attend! Having a month away with the fam…no worries…no meeting fees for you! And when you want to double down and attend lots, you just book and pay for the meetings you want to attend.