Congratulating the 2023 Winners of the Bx Networking Awards

Celebrating xCellence in the Bx Community

In a world that often celebrates individual achievements, there is something truly special about recognising and honouring the efforts of a community.

The Bx Networking Awards, announced on Wednesday, November 28th 2023, did just that – celebrated the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups within the Bx community. These awards are a testament to the power of collaboration, support, and the profound impact that a united network can have on its members.

Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable winners and their achievements.

Venue of the Year: Seven Shores, Bondi

The winner of the “Venue of the Year” award, Seven Shores in Bondi, stands out as a welcoming hub for Bx events. It has provided a warm and inviting space for members to connect and thrive, fostering meaningful connections that define the essence of Bx.

People’s Choice xPert of the Year: Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz’s recognition as “People’s Choice xPert of the Year” reflects his dedication to sharing xpertise and knowledge with the Bx community. His contributions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in helping members grow and achieve their professional goals.

Regional Leader of the Year: Cathy Smith, Western Australia

Cathy Smith’s leadership as the “Regional Leader of the Year” for Western Australia has been instrumental in fostering a thriving Bx community in her region. Her dedication to nurturing connections and facilitating growth has left an indelible mark.

Networker of the Year: Maria Micaleff

Maria Micaleff’s well-deserved title of “Networker of the Year” highlights her xceptional ability to connect people, spark conversations, and create opportunities within the Bx community. Her passion for networking has truly made a difference.

Member xPerience Officer of the Year: David Penrose, Bx Sunshine Coast South, QLD

David Penrose’s role as “Member xPerience Officer of the Year” speaks to his commitment to enhancing the Bx xperience for all members in Sunshine Coast South, QLD. His efforts have enriched the community and made it a more welcoming place.

People’s Choice Team Member of the Year: Colin Lee, Bx South Brisbane, QLD, Team Leader

Colin Lee’s recognition as “People’s Choice Team Member of the Year” underscores his valuable contributions as a team leader in South Brisbane, QLD. His leadership and dedication have been pivotal in the success of the local group.

Member Engagement Officer of the Year: Lachlan Somes, Bx Western Sydney, NSW

Lachlan Somes, named “Member Engagement Officer of the Year,” has made it his mission to engage members in Western Sydney, NSW. His tireless efforts in building a vibrant community are truly commendable.

People’s Choice Member of the Year: Henry Wong

Henry Wong’s acknowledgment as “People’s Choice Member of the Year” reflects his dedication and active participation within the Bx community. His commitment to growth and collaboration has set a shining xample for all members.

Team Leader of the Year: Dan De Nardi, Bx Bondi, NSW

Dan De Nardi’s role as “Team Leader of the Year” in Bondi, NSW, showcases his xceptional leadership skills. His ability to inspire and lead by xample has undoubtedly contributed to the group’s success.

Most Charitable Group: Bx Toowoomba, NSW

The “Most Charitable Group” award recognises Bx Toowoomba, NSW, for their outstanding commitment to giving back. Their philanthropic efforts xemplify the spirit of community and generosity that defines Bx.

People’s Choice Charity of the Year: Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue’s recognition as “People’s Choice Charity of the Year” reflects the collective support and admiration of the Bx community. Their vital work in rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking has struck a chord with Bx members.

People’s Choice Business of the Year: Toni Everard Coaching

Toni Everard Coaching’s selection as “People’s Choice Business of the Year” reflects their xceptional impact on the Bx community. Their dedication to helping members achieve their goals is truly noteworthy.

Group of the Year: Bx South Brisbane

Bx South Brisbane’s title as “Group of the Year” is a testament to their collective strength and commitment to collaboration. Their accomplishments have made a significant impact within the Bx community.


The Bx Networking Awards serve as a reminder that success is not achieved in isolation but through the collective efforts of a supportive community. These winners embody the values of collaboration, growth, and giving back that are at the core of Bx. We congratulate each of them on their well-deserved recognition and thank them for their tireless efforts in making the Bx community a thriving and inspiring place to be. As we celebrate their achievements, we also look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of the Bx community in the future.


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