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As a Bx Member, you can apply to share your expertise with a broader audience alongside some incredible Bx xPerts.

It’s an xcellent positioning piece for you in the eyes of your potential clients and customers!

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    “No matter your comfort level, I want to ensure you feel supported in the guest podcasting process and enjoy your xperience on the Bx Podcast! I bring a relaxed, conversational style with a genuine curiosity for what people do and how they help others.”

    Ryan Fowler

    Owner & Storyteller



    10 Reasons Why Guest Podcasting is the Best Form of Content Marketing!

    #1: Access to a pre-made and highly engaged audience; with preparation, you can reach hundreds to thousands of highly targeted listeners.

    #2: Easier and far less time-consuming than guest blogging; one of the most popular forms of content marketing.

    #3: Create meaningful connections; with the podcast host, xPerts, and the audience.

    #4: High content production value; Bx puts a lot of effort into production, including professional sound, editing, and creating custom web graphics.

    #5: Unlimited cross-amplification; highly shareable piece of content resulting in more likes, shares, tweets, and traffic.

    #6: Free long-form blog posts; transcribe the show and post on your site as a blog post.

    #7: Increased dwell time; embed video on your website to help your SEO efforts.

    #8: Create trust badges; use “as seen on the Bx Podcast” eye candy for your website.

    #9: Online reviews; repurpose these into highly valuable testimonials for your website.

    #10: Opportunity to generate sales; you can get leads by being an informative guest.