Say Goodbye to Transactional Networking

Want to Move Past ‘Struggle’ Street?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to find quality leads, you’re not alone.

With the cost of advertising still rising and marketing channels becoming more competitive everyday, you need to find a better way.

That’s how we can help. By following our proven Business Networking Formula, we introduce you to dozens of referral partners, and that can lead to hundreds of potential new leads and end clients for you.

Simply book into any of our Online events as a guest FOR FREE or find one of your local face-to-face meetings and network over breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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It’s simple and it works.

8 Powerful Reasons to Join a Bx® Meeting

We Help You
Generate Leads

We Follow a
Modern Approach

We Do Online
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We Don’t
Do Salesy

We Give You
Lots of Training

Our Leaders
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We Have Hundreds
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Matthew Pollard Bx

"Bx is the best way I’ve found to move beyond transactional networking. It’s the key to creating partnerships that will drive joint ventures, key introductions and strategic relationships. It’s your ticket out of the day-to-day “I need a deal today” hamster wheel. An absolute must, especially for introverts like me."

Matthew Pollard - Rapid Growth Coach & Author of The Introvert's Edge to Networking
Founder & CEO of Rapid Growth Coach

1 Membership.... 2 Types of Meetings

With thousands of events across the globe, plus even more locations and countries opening soon, we know you’ll love our award-winning face-to-face business meetings.
PLUS join us ONLINE for our award-winning meeting format at our Bx Online Meetings + as a member we have many additional and xCeptional Member Only Events! Bx Membership is packed full of xtraordinary benefits!

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See How Bx® Can Help You

Hundreds of 5 Star Google
Reviews & Growing xPonentially!

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Our vision is to create a positive impact on the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, and we deliver this through the values of exceeding expectations, generosity, integrity, family and fun.

Every Bx location (or what we call a group) has a meeting on the same day every fortnight. Across the globe there are thousands of breakfast; lunch and dinner meetings held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you want to join one of our Bx Online events, these are held on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.

Bx believes in a collaborative approach to doing business. We believe in creating opportunities for our members and guests to connect each other with their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tonne of ongoing new business. Most other networking focuses on the opportunity of either selling to each other, or direct referrals. Let’s face it – who wants to be sold to?
At Bx we may buy from each other, but we don’t believe in being all salesy!
Many of our members belong to different networking communities – which is great! The more networking you do, the more valuable you become as a networker to all communities. Are we like BNI? We’re the same-same-but different…we’re reimagined! We are still networking, we just have a different approach.

Of course! All members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business in the Introduction Round, as well as ask for connections to their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve all your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tonne of ongoing new business.

We’re super committed to ensuring all our members achieve an awesome ROI from their time and investment into their membership – we even have a ROI Money Back Guarantee. The results you achieve are directly linked to your engagement within the network – don’t worry…we don’t have any rules or requirements for attendance or results, but we do know, the more you put in, the more you will get out!

As a guide, we know that if you attend at least a meeting a fortnight, as well as engage in our training and resources, you will easily build 5-10 new xceptional referral partnerships within a 12-month period. Each xceptional referral partnership yields around $20,000 in additional revenue to your business over the following 12-months. If you build 5-10 a year, this will return about $100,000 to $200,000 in additional revenue to your business over the subsequent 12-month period. Want more? Dial it up! It is truly linked to your engagement within the network.

At Bx, we believe in inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity. All business types are welcome to network together, because as we know, in life, it’s all about WHO WE KNOW, and we highly value collaboration.

At every Bx meeting we have an x-cellent mix of business people in the room – BUT remember,
it’s not about who’s in the room…but who the people in the room know.

Our meeting format is highly productive, fast paced and jam packed with opportunities and value, that maximises the opportunities for referrals, connections and new business. At every meeting members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business, as well as ask for connections in the Introduction Round, we have an xcellent presentation by one of our members in the Member xCite Presentation and we all get to catch up with 3 other members or guests one on one in our 10-minute 1-2-1’s.

That’s a no brainer! Come along to your local meeting OR jump onto a Bx Online! Our team will reach out to you to ensure you have a great time and are introduced to some xceptional people. There’s never any awkward standing around, all our meetings are fast paced and maximise the networking and connection opportunities. You can find your local meetings or book into a Bx Online on the link below.

The Face of Bx

Leading a team of over 100 xcellent team members, our Executive Team is
committed to providing xceptional opportunities and value to our members.

Matt Alderton Bx



Dale Beaumont Bx Networking



SPECIAL OFFER: Grab a FREE Membership to Bx® Don't Delay Join Today! (RRP $199)


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