Bx, Business Reimagined is growing Melbourne

Bx is xpanding!

Business Reimagined to Empower Local Small Businesses

Bx, the dynamic organisation which will xcelerate your business growth through networking, education, and events, is delighted to announce its growing its presence in Melbourne, Victoria. This eagerly awaited launch event is set for May 8th, 2024, marking a pivotal moment for the local business community.

Following its remarkable success across Australia, Bx is now xpanding its reach to Mount Waverley, bringing with it a proven track record of empowering entrepreneurs and cultivating collaborative opportunities.

“We are thrilled to introduce Bx to Melbourne and contribute to the thriving small business ecosystem of this vibrant area” said Matt Alderton, Founder and CEO of Bx | Business Networking Reimagined. “Our platform is meticulously crafted to dismantle barriers, foster authentic connections, and offer invaluable resources for growth.

The Bx community assists businesses in forging enduring partnerships to consistently generate leads. Our meetings are thoughtfully structured yet informal, striking the ideal balance between business and enjoyment, leaving business owners invigorated for the day ahead! Moreover, Bx facilitates connections not only within Australia but also internationally, broadening your network on a global scale. Joining the Bx community means bidding farewell to pressure selling. Instead, our focus is on nurturing enduring connections.”

The launch event on May 8th promises to be an xtraordinary celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. Bx offers a fun, yet structured approach to growing your business. Through in-person, and online sessions, with abundant networking opportunities that will connect fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential collaborators.

“We are dedicated to empowering small businesses in Melbourne and beyond,” added Matt Alderton. “Our mission is to foster a supportive ecosystem where entrepreneurs can thrive, xchange ideas, and unlock new avenues for growth. We xtend a warm invitation to all local businesses to embark on this xciting journey with us.”

To register your interest and receive further details about the Bx Mount Waverley launch event, click here.

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