Limited Opportunity Book Writing, Publishing & Marketing Program

Register your interest, if:

1. You have ever wanted to write a book and didn’t know how how to get started

2. You need to position yourself as the expert in your industry to cut through your competition

3. You have a passion and purpose to help others and don’t know how to communicate this

4. You want access to editing, design and printing for your book at wholesale pricing

5. You would like to access to a first-rate marketing package to launch your book and position you as the go to person in your industry.

The program is by selection only

at the conclusion of the publishing program, you:

Will have created your own Unique Positioning Model, that you can write about, speak about, present and train on;

Will have created the framework and structure for your book and taken this to a first draft;

Will have your book professionally edited and returned to you for review, including all copyright text and other legal inclusions;

Will have your book cover professionally designed;

Will have launched your book on Amazon using our Best-Seller Strategy

Will have launched your marketing plan and strategy for your book.

Refine your USP

Your Unique Sales Proposition is your personally branded model for which you can speak, write, train, coach, and sell upon.

Think Tony Robbins and his Six Human Needs Theory, Steven Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Robert Kyosaki and his Cash Flow Quadrant.

Coach you through writing your book

Ever heard of writer’s block? Think of the coaching program as Draino!

The coaching element to the program ensures your book is written efficiently and over the coming months. This will ensure you get maximum results from all elements of the program.

Structure Your Book

Refine your structure for your book and ensure your book format works for your content

Have your book edited

Spelling, grammar, structure…not your strong suit? Even if it is, we will have your book edited by a professional.

Our editor will ensure that all those little mistakes that are often missed by the writer (as you are so close to the book) are picked up and fixed for your for your print ready version. Setting the tone for excellence!

Publish your book on Amazon

Our program will take the stress out of publishing your book on Kindle.

We will walk you through this and ensure that everything is set up properly.

Launch your book on Amazon using the Best Sellers strategy

Become a bestseller on Amazon!

Of course…there are no guarantees, but our system so far has had 100% of our clients achieving a BestSeller Status!

Print your book

We will organise the printing of your first 100 books.

They will be professionally printed – PUR Glue Perfect Bound, up to 150 pages, colour cover 250gsm gloss, inside pages 130gsm matt, up to 30 pages in colour.

Plan your book launch event

Positioning you as an xpert, the professional book launch event guide will help you with all the minor AND MAJOR details to create a professional book launch.

From press releases to invites for members of parliament and local council, the guide will ensure your book launch is a great success.

Marketing plan and strategy for your book

You’ve launched your book…what now? We will provide you with and help tailor your marketing plan for how to leverage your book and xpert positioning to build your business. That’s why you wrote it, right!

Your personal branding website

We will create your personal branding website, which can feature your showcase reel, testimonials, book sales, lead magnets and more. *includes template, setup and transfer to your hosting. Monthly hosting etc not included

Your xpert positioning trainer

Matt Alderton is the founder and CEO of Alderton Enterprises, the Founder of Integrated Workforce Solutions, Founder and CEO of Orderfast, The Movie Crew, Bx and BxNetworking and the owner of multiple retail and hospitality businesses, as well being a # 1 best-selling author, professional speaker, coach & small business xpert. Matt was named Business Person of the Year in 2015, NSW Business Leader in 2016, and Finalist Australian Business Entrepreneur in 2016 and 2017. Alderton Enterprises was awarded the Australian Business of the Year in both 2016 and 2017. Bx was also name the 2018 Telstra Business of the Year Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

With an extensive career in retail, management & leadership, Matt’s passion is and has always been developing and leading people to achieve their best. As a certified member of the esteemed John Maxwell Leadership team, Matt continues to serve and develop people with a vision of helping people achieve their goals in life.

Through Matt’s business ventures, he has lead teams in excess of 150 amazing people, Matt continues to invest in training and development and the businesses within Alderton Enterprises continue to be recognised within their industries for amazing results in the areas of customer service, retail excellence, marketing & promotions and business excellence.

Matt Alderton
CEO – Bx

At the helm of Alderton Enterprises, Matt continues to grow the enterprise and is currently expanding in a number of internet related opportunities, the expansion of IWS as Australia's fastest growing rostering & payroll service provider and the continuing commitment to providing leadership training, coaching, workshops and keynote speaking. Matt’s latest venture, Bx, is the premier provider of training and education to small business in Australia and has worked with business experts such as John McGrath, Mark Bouris and Naomi Simpson. Bx and BxNetworking are on track to have the largest community of entrepreneurs in Australia.

Meet Sandra Bartlett

Sandra Bartlett is the owner of ‘Stairway2Dreams’ and took part in our program.

Sandra is a business coach, and knew that if she truly wanted to make a difference and help as many people as she could, then she needed to increase her profile and be seen as the expert in her space.

Since completing the program in 2017, Sandy has achieved incredible results, including:

  1. Sandy launched her book ‘Your Cool Confidence – The 5 C’s to Embracing Your Smile”.
  2. Sandy has a very successful book launch, including a book signing at Macarthur Square and a book launch event with over 75 guests.
  3. Sandy and Stairway2Dreams won at the Campbelltown Local Business Awards
  4. Out of Bxpert, Sandy laucnhed her 5 C’s USP, which she has shared through her book, training, speaking and coaching.
Sandy continues to smash her goals and is set to have her most successful year since being in business, as well as an incredible future, doing exactly what she loves doing - helping others succeed!

Meet Jemimah Ashleigh

Jemimah Ashleigh is a global authority on creating sustainable start-ups and positioning businesses and entrepreneurs as experts in their marketplace.

As a positioning coach, Jemimah already knew everything she wanted to go into her book, and had even written various versions. With an incredible story, and a message to inspire people across the globe, it wasn’t just something that Jemimah wanted to do, it was something she HAD to do.

Since completing the program in 2017, Jemimah has achieved incredible results, including:

  1. Jemimah has launched her book ‘Position Me’ in July 2018 and it is became a best seller across Amazon ON THE SAME DAY!
  2. Jemimah was named one of Australia’s Top Female Entrepreneurs and a Woman to Watch in 2018
  3. Jemimah has become an International Speaker, speaking in the US, as well as bookings across the globe.
  4. Jemimah has written a coaching and mentoring program off the back of her book that will achieve a 6-figure income in this alone within the next 12-months.

“This is the platform that inspires entrepreneurs, and empowers them to launch their expertise and share this with the world”.

Expressions of Interest Close Soon

Matt Alderton - Small Business xPert

Since launching Matt’s first book ‘Business for Life’ in 2015, Matt has become the go-to-person for all things small business.

Matt has won numerous industry and business awards, both personally and for his businesses, and is recognised as a leader in business.

  • Matt currently has 3 books in production ready to launch in early 2019
  • Matt speaks on stage across Australia in leadership, small business, profitability, customer service, technology and more.
  • Matt is now an international speaker, and speaks with a speakers agency in the US, as well as with the John Maxwell Leadership Team.
  • Matt regularly features in the media, including Sky News with peter Switzer
  • Matt regularly consults with State and Federal Ministers (including the Prime Minster) on all things small business, and is an advocate for business.
  • Bx was recently named a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards, putting Bx as one of the top 18 businesses from 10,000 submissions into the Premier Australian Awards Program.