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Join the fastest growing networking organisation across Australia and New Zealand and become part of the team leading a group, area or even region. There are availabilities across most regions, and we give our leadership the opportunity to step up or down every 6-months. This takes the pressure of any long-term commitment, and allow you to go full throttle in your business, Bx and your life!

There are so many benefits to being on team, we have put a few below to give you an idea. Ultimately, Matt Alderton is always looking for opportunities to help you in your business and life by providing unbelievable benefits to you and your business.

Our goal is to create Raving Fans of all our leadership team (and members!) and surprise and delight you with awesome bonuses and benefits all the time.

The Roles

The MEO builds member engagement by reaching out to all members consistently.

Skills Required: Super organised, high attention to detail and great with people.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per fortnight + meeting.

Responsibility Outline:

Connecting and engaging with all members

Facilitating team engagement with members – minimum monthly contact

Group Social Media Engagement

Welcome of all members to meeting and check-in

The MxO trains all the new members that join their group, and connects with members.

Skills Required: xCeptional with people, patient and able to inspire people to achieve results.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per fortnight + meeting.

Responsibility Outline:

Induction and training of all new members

Connecting with and nurturing of all new members

Assist with New Member Induction Webinar

Engagement with lapsed members

The Team Leader leads their group, runs the meeting and is the contact for guests.

Skills Required: xCeptional presentation skills, fun and outgoing personality, great with people.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per fortnight + meeting.

Responsibility Outline:

Leading & training the team in their group and team accountability

Liaise with venue concerning venue requirements

Lead the group meeting

Guest liaison

Achieving Group goals

xCite management

The Regional Team Leader leads 2-4 groups across a region and their teams.

Skills Required: Heavily leadership focussed, attention to detail and goal oriented.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per group per week + meetings.

Responsibility Outline:

Leading & training the teams across their region

Team accountability

Venue liaison, payment management and reconciliation

Guest sales & conversion process

Goal setting and team accountability

Why Join the Team?

Increase Your


Become recognised in your group, gain additional cut-through across the network. Increase your profile, connections and business xponentially!

Be seen as a person of influence

Build your personal and business credibility

Positioned as an xPert!



All roles have financial compensation. From discounted AND FREE meeting attendance, 2-for-1 membership fees, commission and more!

2 for 1 Membership Credit

Discounted Meeting Fees

Free Meetings for Flagship Groups

Amazing Freebies and bonuses!

Become the


Becoming a leader puts you front of mind and you will be the go-to-person across the network in your field. Now that should put a smile on your dial!

Be on the top of the list for all referrals

Top of Mind = More Opportunities

Additional credibility across the whole network

Don't be sheepish...find out more about being on team today!

“Being on team has increased my profile and credibility not just in my group, but across the network. Business is booming!”

-Tiz Porreca

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