10 Reasons Why Guest Podcasting is the Best Form of Content Marketing!

Why is Guest Podcasting so beneficial for building your business?

Whether you are a guest on the Bx Podcast or any other, here we list just ten reasons…

#1: Access to a pre-made and highly engaged audience; with preparation, you can reach hundreds to thousands of highly targeted listeners. 

#2: Easier and far less time-consuming than guest blogging; one of the most popular forms of content marketing. 

#3: Create meaningful connections; with the podcast host, xPerts, and the audience. 

#4: High content production value; Bx puts a lot of effort into production, including professional sound, editing, and creating custom web graphics. 

#5: Unlimited cross-amplification; highly shareable piece of content resulting in more likes, shares, tweets, and traffic.

#6: Free long-form blog posts; transcribe the show and post on your site as a blog post. 

#7: Increased dwell time; embed video on your website to help your SEO efforts.

#8: Create trust badges; use “as seen on the Bx Podcast” eye candy for your website.

#9: Online reviews; repurpose these into highly valuable testimonials for your website. 

#10: Opportunity to generate sales; you can get leads by being an informative guest.


This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to find more ways to get maximum xposure because it is an xcellent positioning piece for you in the eyes of your potential clients and customers.


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