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Shari is a health business coach, international speaker, and best selling author who helps new weight loss coaches who have no clear plan to get results for their clients to create a profitable online business without feeling pushy & "sale- sy" using her FAB New Body Blueprint. Shari's motto after losing 100kg herself naturally is "You CAN change your story, one change at a time!"


Health Business Coach, Best Selling Author, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker & Step by Step Change Creator, ready to help you change your story!

Shari Ware went from slicing a piece of cake to slicing her weight in half. In fact, she spent more than a decade in the morbidly obese classification, and was fortunate that no major health crisis came her way. Shari now helps others free themselves from the weight holding them back the way she did – one change at a time. Helping those who hold onto weight, either directly or through the coaches she teaches her unique system to, brings her great satisfaction, as she knows that it enables them to live life to the full, it gives them freedom and a future to look forward to. Shari helps them to love what they see in the mirror each day along the way and to truly believe that they are worthy, that they are important, that they are loved and that they are MORE than enough! “I realized that I spent so much time doing the urgent things that I didn’t have enough time to do the important things,” says Shari. She’s referencing the time when she was a lot heavier – 100kg heavier. Through her business and speaking engagements, she is helping others change their story and trim the fat out of their lives.

As she explained it, when she was carrying around the extra 100kg, she endured great pain when putting her feet on the floor first thing in the morning due to the massive amount of weight she was putting on them. “It wasn’t much fun,” she recalled in an interview on the Channel 9 Mornings Show. Now she can wear high heels, get on roller coasters and run.” “I never thought I would be able to run,” she said. More importantly, she loves herself unconditionally and believes unreservedly that she is deserving of an amazing life which is vital to keeping the weight off for life!

Others who she can help to achieve their weight release goals can find the same freedom. Others who she motivates through her practical, riveting speeches can also embark upon a journey to new horizons.

Glad to have found the power within herself to release the weight, she seeks to help others find their way out by finding their “Why Power” as a critical starting point which in conjunction with making a series of changes over a period of time, leads to massive change.

As a speaker, she is able to address a whole menu of topics, including the following:

· The Secret to Losing Weight and Keeping it off

· Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

· Happy Weight Loss

· Believe Yourself Beautiful

· 7 Mindset Hacks to Creating Healthy Changes

Through her services at FAB New Body, she helps people find their key to releasing the weight and regaining their lives and teaches her unique system to other coaches, therapists and personal trainers.

Shari is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach and also a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

At FAB New Body, Shari offers the following:

· Weight Release Mindset Programs with varying levels of support

· A free Online Support Group

· Education

· Mentoring

· FAB New Body Blueprint Certification for coaches, therapists & personal trainers

She’s been noticed and featured by many key media outlets; including Australian Women Online, The Biggest Loser Club Online, Take 5 Magazine, That’s Life Magazine, Today Tonight, Channel 9 News, The Courier Mail, The Daily Mail and as previously mentioned, the Channel 9 Mornings Show.

To book her as a speaker for your organization or group, or to gain help through her suite of weight release services, email Shari at . You can also check out how she helps people to find their “Why Power”, overcome Mephobia and change their story in various ways including helpful and practical tips on Facebook at .