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Winners' Voices: Celebrating Business Triumphs

A selection of our 2023 winners share their xperiences on being recognised and celebrated

SME Genius

"It's very exciting to be recognised globally as part of these awards"

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"The support, the community, and the people. It's incredible!"

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Daytoday Pty Ltd

"We're very proud, this means everything to us"

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I.T Lady

"It's helped to get our name out, and build connections"

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Mode Group

"These awards bring small business out of the shadows"

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Sales Inside Edge

"It makes you realise how important the work is that you do"

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Black Bull Performance Group

"My business wouldn't be what it is today without Bx"

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MRW Coaching

"My whole life has changed in the most amazing way!"

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Who Enters the Business xCellence Awards?

Small & Medium Businesses

From across all industries

Entrepreneurs & Leaders

From across the globe

Business Owners

Who want to recognise their xceptional teams

Benefits Of Entering


Entering business awards are an important way of reviewing your goals and vision for your business


Shine a spotlight on your success and hard work, both for all who support the business


Propel your business forward and enhance your reputation to attract new opportunities for growth

About the Business xCellence Awards

The Business xCellence Awards stand as a coveted acknowledgment of business accomplishments, presenting outstanding opportunities for both finalists and winners.

Marking its ninth anniversary, the awards program has evolved into a pinnacle for entrepreneurs and business owners to set their sights on.

The Gala Dinner Awards Presentation, set to take place in Sydney, Australia, promises to be a glamorous event!

"Join us in celebrating the small & medium businesses that strive for
xcellence in delivery, customer service and innovation"

Matt Alderton, Founder & CEO of Bx, Author, Speaker & Business xPert

Recognition You Deserve

Imagine businesses being recognised, celebrated, and standing out among peers. Entering the Business xcellence Awards isn’t just about winning; it’s about acknowledging the journey, hard work, and the innovation that sets us apart. You can join us in spotlighting xcellence and innovation by partnering with the awards, amplifying your brand’s commitment to celebrating the achievements of our incredible industry.

Let’s collaborate!

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9 Years Of Celebrating Our Most Dedicated Leaders




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Key Dates & Information

The Business xCellence Awards are a highly sought-after recognition of business success and create xceptional opportunities for both finalists and winners. Now celebrating its ninth year, the awards program has become a highlight for entrepreneurs and business owners to aspire to. The Gala Awards Celebration will culminate in a star-studded event and will showcase the global leaders in business.


4th March until

14th May, 2024


Location: Sydney, Australia

Friday, 2nd August


Bx HQ: 1300 068 229



Join 400+ Influential Business Leaders & Influencers


Over 400 Leaders from 50 Business Industries

This August, the 9th Awards Gala Dinner will host over 400 global leaders in business across 50 industries in a star-studded event that will inspire and motivate you! Share in the energy, make life-long connections and recognise xCellence with the very best.

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

How does it work?

Businesses are encouraged to submit entries adhering to the Awards Criteria. Following the evaluation of all entries, successful global finalists will receive notification via email. These global finalists will then compete within their respective categories, with the ultimate winners being revealed during the Gala Dinner Awards Presentation Evening.

How do I know if I am eligible to enter?

Participation in the awards is exclusive, limited to businesses through invitation or nomination only. Businesses can receive invitations or nominations if they are clients or integral members of the community.

Why should I enter the Awards?

Studies indicate that businesses are motivated to participate in awards for two primary reasons: to seize business opportunities and embrace personal challenges. Additionally, there are several other compelling reasons to consider:

  • Utilising the awards as a formal business planning tool, facilitating a comprehensive assessment of strengths and areas requiring attention.
  • The opportunity to benchmark your business against others within the same industry.
  • Gaining industry and peer recognition for your business.
  • Recognizing and rewarding your team for their dedicated efforts.
  • The potential to boost team morale and development by becoming a finalist or winner.
  • Establishing credibility among customers and the wider community through participation and success in award programs.
  • xpanding the business’s xposure, including media coverage.
  • The entitlement to be acknowledged as a business of xcellence within the realm of small business.

How do I enter the Awards?

Award Entries are to be completed online. Entries must be completed per the terms and conditions and received by the closing date to be considered an award entrant.

Is there a limit to answering the Awards Criteria?

No. The purpose of the submission is to offer judges a comprehensive insight into your business that accurately conveys your passion and dedication. Responses should prioritise clarity and precision over length, and they should incorporate relevant supporting material.

Can I get assistance in completing the Awards Criteria?

Yes. Please email for any assistance.

What are the long-form questions that I will want to prepare to answer?

The Business Excellence Awards Entry Form primarily consists of multiple-choice questions, allowing for quick and straightforward responses. However, some questions demand detailed and thoughtful answers. We’ve identified these questions in advance to assist you in preparing your responses, enabling you to finish your submission in a single session. Please be aware that to obtain the link to your saved submission, you must answer all the mandatory questions and click ‘save’ at the end.

  • Describe The Products Or Services Your Business Provides
  • Number Of Years The Business Has Been In Operation
  • Number Of Years You Have Been The Owner Of The Business
  • Number Of Years You Have Been In Business
  • Detail The Successes Of The Business During The Past Two Years. This May Include Award Successes And Recognition Given By The Industry, Community, Customers Or Suppliers
  • Discuss Your Business Growth In The Past Two-Years.
  • Explain How Your Business Has Been Resilient In The Past Two-Years
  • What Makes Your Business A Winner?

Can I mail or email my entry?

No. Entries will not be accepted by mail or email.

What is the closing date for entries?

Entries Close on 20th May, 2024, at 11.59pm

What happens after I enter?

Representatives from diverse industries will evaluate and select finalists for each category. Once all entries have been reviewed, the chosen finalists will receive invitations to the Global Gala Dinner Awards Presentation Evening.

Will all entries become finalists?

No. The judges hold the authority to assess the entry’s content and may disqualify entries due to an incomplete entry form, failure to meet the awards criteria, or non-compliance with eligibility requirements.

How do I know if I have been selected as a finalist?

Every finalist will be notified through a Finalist Kit, distributed via both mail and email. Additionally, the names of all global finalists will be publicly announced on the awards website, and on social media.

What do I receive if I become a global award winner?

During the awards presentation evening, winners will receive a Business xCellence Awards trophy along with a winner’s kit that includes a certificate and a media package to commemorate their achievement. Furthermore, they will be acknowledged as a business of xCellence and will be featured in targeted press releases to the media.

Who judges the entries?

Judges encompassing individuals with experience or insight into small businesses, spanning various industries and associations, play a key role in evaluating all entries. The judging process is facilitated with the assistance of Precedent Productions, organisers of the Local Business Awards and Australian Business Champion Awards. It is important to note that the judging is conducted independently, separate from the influence of Bx and Business Blueprint.

What are the businesses judged on?

Evaluation is grounded in the responses to the Awards Criteria, reviews of the website, assessments of social media presence, and consideration of supporting documentation submitted as part of the entry.

Do I need to be affiliated with an awards sponsor to enter?

No, this will not affect the judging process.

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