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“Bx is the best way I’ve found to move beyond transactional networking. It’s the key to creating partnerships that will drive joint ventures, key introductions and strategic partnerships. It’s your ticket out of the day-to-day “I need a deal today” hamster wheel. An absolute must, especially for introverts like me.”

Matthew Pollard

Best-Selling Author of 'The Introvert's Edge to Networking'


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How is Bx – Business Networking Reimagined?

Following our award-winning Business Networking Formula means you will be introduced to dozens of potential referral partners, that can lead to hundreds of new leads, and end clients for you.

It’s simple, it’s enjoyable and it works.

Here’s how…

Let’s Face it, most networking events are transactional.

You’re either selling to the person you’re speaking to or selling to the people they introduce you to.

Which feels anything but comfortable…

And while these events are still a must, particularly for people desperately needing a deal, we knew small business owners needed more…

This is why Bx is a new type of event, one focused on helping attendees find real joint venture partnerships, key introductions, and strategic relationships.

It’s already led to thousands of joint venture relationships and millions of dollars in sales and now it’s your turn.

Come join us LIVE in Western Australia and take your networking game to the next level.

4 Amazing Bonuses!

Practical, Implementable Tools You Will Receive By Attending

We will provide you with easy to implement, tangible take-aways and resources that will ensure you are able to leverage the time you spent with us at the meeting.


Road Map to Growth

Practical solutions to help your business now, and which require minimal time investment for the time-poor business owner.


xPert Strategic Takeaways

Our Member xCite presenters, will share their insights into building a sustainable business despite challenging conditions.


The 6-Step Referral Partner Plan

This will run through the 6 steps of the Referral Partner Plan designed to connect you to ongoing sources of potential end clients.


Referral Partner Plan Connection Email Templates

These templates will help you connect with members and guests who offered to make connections to you.

What do Our Members Have to Say?

How The Meeting Flows

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome from the local team, and then a chance to get to know the people in the room with open networking prior-to, and after the meeting.

There are three key elements to every meeting:

Your 40-Second Pitch

Every attendee will have the opportunity to tell us WHO they are, WHAT they do, WHY they do what they do, and WHO they are looking to connect with.

An xCite Presentation

Member xCite presentations are not sales pitches; they are a platform for our members to share their xperience and xpertise. Listen in and learn valuable tips to elevate your business.

3 x 10 Minute 1-2-1's

Foster three genuine relationships without feeling rushed or on show. During the meeting, you will connect with three professionals of your choosing for more in-depth conversations.

SPECIAL OFFER: Claim Your Complimentary VIP Ticket to a Bx® Meeting Today (RRP $45)

“Bx makes other
networking groups
look like they’re
in the Stone Age”

Jeff Kikel


8 Powerful Reasons to Join a Bx® Meeting

We Help You
Generate Leads

We Follow a
Modern Approach

We Do Online
& In Person Events

We Don’t
Do Salesy

We Give You
Lots of Training

Our Leaders
are World-Class

We Have Hundreds
of 5-Star Reviews

We back ourselves
with a Money Back Guarantee


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SPECIAL OFFER: Claim Your Complimentary VIP Ticket to a Bx® Meeting Today (RRP $45)

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Reviews & Growing xPonentially!